Everybody knows that dogs can’t fly, or talk, or rescue humans from burning buildings, right?
Meet Duffy the Watch Dog! The world’s best Superdog!
When a lost firehouse dog is attacked by the brutal Mister Rock, her dying wish is that her pup, Duffy, finish her work of being a rescue dog. However, Duffy’s father has a secret: he is no ordinary wolf. He is from a magical place called Skyland, and as the son of a Skyland wolf guard, Duffy discovers that he has powers beyond anything his mother could have hoped for!
To fulfill his mother’s request, Duffy joins a crew of sailors led by a cruel sea captain, but after being cast out to sea and “dog-house wrecked,” he finds a new home with ship designer Brent and his friendly neighbors. Duffy’s peaceful life is soon turned upside down, however, when he discovers evil Mister Rock is out to finish him off! Not only does he need to watch his back for earthly enemies, but he has been left a Skyland mission by his father, a mission involving the powerful and clever Cat Lady. Will Duffy be able to defeat these enemies and protect his new family?
Join Duffy Dog as he battles pirates at sea, flies at lightening speed through the air, explores the magical candied landscapes of Skyland, and attempts to defeat powerful villains in Duffy: The Adventures of a Super Dog!
February 2017
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